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Another Reason to Love Pretty Knotty - 100% Made in the USA

Here are Pretty Knotty, we understand that your most important concern is being able to train and compete with confidence knowing your hair is secured in the most innovative performance products available. You want reliable, high-quality hair ties that work well and won't damage your hair. We want that too.

In order to successfully fulfill this mission, Jacob and I developed methodologies for running Pretty Knotty as ethically and responsibly as we can. The heart of our operation involves sourcing materials locally and manufacturing here in the United States.

Charlee's always so cute!  ... but she's especially adorable in her USA-made Pretty Knotty tank top.

By purchasing products made in the USA, you're not only getting quality products, you're reinvesting in your local economies. Within the past year alone, Jacob and I have partnered with small businesses based out of RI, OH, NY, ID, IL, NJ, and WI... and this is just the beginning. We're passionate about supporting job creation in the USA ,and we'll make sure we can contribute to that in any way we can.

From our FIT TIES, to our packaging, and even our shipping materials, we're committed to offering you products that are 100% Made in the USA. For example, the racerback tank top that Charlee's rocking above is made in NY and hand pressed in RI.

We hope you wear our products confidently knowing that your hair is secured in the most innovative performance products available - but also knowing that you're supporting small businesses that offer good jobs throughout the US. #ballerstatus

Hair Up, Game On,


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