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Man Bun Monday: The Power of Olynyk's Bun

Kelly Olynyk is the 7' tall, long-haired, Center/Forward for the Boston Celtics. When playing, he usually wears his hair down and held back with a hair band; however, this season he's been experimenting with a bun for 17 of his 29 games played. Fans are starting to claim that he's playing even better when he rocks a bun. Behold... the power of the man bun!


Below are stats compiled by Kenny Ducey, writer for, showing a comparison between Olynyk's play with his hair down and in a bun. It looks like Celt's fans may be onto something here...

Kellyn Olynyk Stats - Hair Down vs. Bun - source:

When rocking the man bun, Olynyk has scored 19 points twice and scored in double-digits eight times. Without it, he score 10 points just once. Need more proof? The Celtics have won almost 65% of their games with the man bun versus and only 58% without. (Source:

Ducey claims, "Wear a hair bun, and you’ll average four more points per game. Guaranteed."

We're sold.

Hair Up, Game On, Shelly

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