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Manbun Monday: Kyle Guy's Top Knot Has Life of Its Own

When you think about iconic hairstyles, there are probably a few in particular that come to mind. I always think about the haircut that Jennifer Aniston had back in the '90s when she was on Friends. 'The Rachel,' or so it was lovingly called, created an epidemic among 15-35 year old women in CT back in the day. Throw on some denim overalls and you were

Kyle Guy UVA Top Knot

If The Rachel wasn't your era, maybe you think about Princess Leia's Galactic Cinnabuns, Angela Davis's afro, Farrah Fawcett's feathered flip, or Britney's shaved head. Check out New York Mag's list of the top 50 iconic hairstyles to see more. No matter what, you most likely think about iconic women's hair. Well, the tides they are a turnin'!

Nowadays guys are getting a lot of love (and hate) for their hairstyles too. Consider the Man Bun, for instance. There's a been a lot of online chatter about this hairstyle over recent years, and it just won't seem to go away... and we hope it never does! (one can dream)

One of the newest man bun's on the scene is that of Kyle Guy, freshman point guard for the University of Virginia. So far this season, Kyle's man bun (though we think it's technically a top knot) has been featured in 18 games and has averaged 8 points and 2 rebounds per game. He's having a great first season, but the thing that we're most impressed by is the number of Twitter accounts his man bun has:

@kyleguyshair twitter account

@kyleguymanbun Twitter account

@kgmanbun Twitter account

Looks like the unofficial man bun Twitter account statistic is three as of this afternoon. Perhaps as the season continues, Guy's man bun will rack up even more profiles.

Does Guy's top knot have the staying power of the iconic Rachel? Time will tell. We do think, however, that if there's ever a Hairstyle Hall of Fame, the man bun has earned its special place.

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