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What's the Diff? FIT TIES vs. Fabric Covered Hair Ties

Today we're introducing a new series on our blog called, "What's the Diff?" In these posts we'll compare FIT TIES to other hair ties and elastics. Over the years, our team has tried lots of hair ties to identify the features that we love a lot... and not so much.

Our first contender is a classic standby... the old Fabric Covered Hair Ties! Let's compare.

FIT TIE versus Fabric Covered Hair Tie


Fabric Covered Hair Ties:

- Rubber core

- Cotton/polyester blended fabric cover

- Adhesive


- Proprietary material blend - dubbed 'the Cadillac of plastics' by our supplier

- SLIP FIT TIES feature clear, bonded coating reducing friction on hair to help avoid damage during active use and removal

Design and Manufacturing

Fabric Covered Hair Ties:

- A length of square rubber band is covered in cotton/polyester blend and then glued

together with an adhesive to form a circular shape

- Most commonly made in China


- Proprietary material blend is used to make whole, individual ties

- Low-profile design increases durability through patented manufacturing process

- Made in the USA


Fabric Covered Hair Ties:

- Glued area where ends are adhered creates a weak point in the design; rubber core can

quickly and easily separate and ties will break

- Hard, jagged adhesive and cotton/polyester cover increase friction on hair and cause



- Ties made of one solid piece eliminating inherent weak point

- Smooth, high-performing materials reduces friction on hair

- SLIP TIES include additional hair protection

So that's the diff between FIT TIES and Fabric Covered Hair Ties! Stay tuned for more head-to-head hair tie comparisons in upcoming features in "What's the Diff?"

Hair Up, Game On,


FIT TIES - hair ties for athletes and active users

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