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Touchdown for Women-Owned Businesses in Super Bowl LI!

If you're planning on watching Super Bowl LI tonight, keep your eyes peeled for a special

Carolyn Aronson with It's A 10 product line

commercial scheduled to air during the third quarter.

It's A 10 Haircare, owned by hair stylist Carolyn Aronson, will be the first privately-owned and woman-owned professional hair care company to lock in a prime-time Super Bowl ad. Aronson's company is one of the only female-owned professional hair care brands in the world.

"I was eight years old when I proudly declared that I wanted to be a hairdresser, and 16 when I knew I also wanted to be an entrepreneur and salon owner," said Mrs. Aronson. "My perseverance and passion for what I do help me make sure every formula I create is a "10"  and I won't settle for anything less."

In a recent interview with Yahoo! Beauty, Aronson expressed her hopes to encourage other female entrepreneurs and give back to those in need. “I aspire to be a role model for women to pursue their dreams no matter what odds are stacked against them,” says Aronson. Spoken like a true #girlboss.

“We work closely with a number of powerful organizations, including Christina Applegate’s Right Action for Women. With my He’s a 10 brand, I plan on donating to the disabled veterans that have given so much for our country,” Aronson shared. “I hope that this added brand visibility will help to further elevate the wonderful causes and initiatives in the community.”

Three chairs for the hair team!

Hair Up, Game On,


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