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Athlete Spotlight: Karyn Heffernan

Today we're shining our Spotlight on Karyn Heffernan aka Fig! Karyn is a fellow rugger and fitness enthusiast. Her motto in life has always been to "work hard, play hard" - so she's been trying to maintain a healthy balance between the two by staying fit, being grateful, and trying to embrace change instead of letting it scare her.

Right on, Fig!

Karyn Heffernan, on left, with fellow FUWRFC Alumni

What's your deal, girl!?

I am a wife, daughter, sister, aunt to three amazing little girls and a friend. I am currently living in NYC (where I've lived for the past 15 years), but about to move with my husband, Ryan, cross country to California for an incredible career opportunity which is a little scary but very exciting all at the same time.

Favorite type of workout?

Over the last couple of years I've been getting into Starting Strength, which is a training program my husband got me into. I've really been enjoying it because it's all about getting strong (not bulky) and it's easy to track the progress you make.

Recently, I've joined a barbell club that focuses on Starting Strength and it's been really fun to train with a group of strong men and women who support each other and learn how to lift heavy weights with good form. What's extra awesome about this program is you only train 3 days a week, and I can eat what I want to help my body recover!

Get it, FIG!

Favorite workout hair style... go!

Hair up!! I have a ton of hair so it needs to be out of my face - either in a high bun or ponytail.

Any hair disasters in your life?

We had a brutal winter a few years ago and the power kept going out with all the storms which resulted in us having lit candles everywhere. I caught my hair on fire twice that winter - all I can remember is the awful smell!

Karyn Heffernan

What's your take on the saying, 'look good, feel good'?

For me, that means whatever puts a smile on my face and that begins with how I feel about my body. Lately, being strong and seeing myself getting stronger has been such a confidence booster. Even though I'm not the smallest I've ever been, I feel the most confident in my own skin. And I always feel good with a fresh pair of Nikes :)

The people want to know... how often do you wash your hair?

I typically try to not wash my hair more than every other day (unless I've had an extra sweaty workout).

Shampoo - yes or no?

YES - and I swear by Redken's Volume shampoo, and have been using it for years. Unfortunately, even Ryan is hooked on the good stuff now.

You do have good volume, girl. What kind of secrets are you hiding in that hair?

Hair secrets? Shower caps and dry shampoo get me through the work week!

Thanks for sharing, Fig! We wish you all the best with your move to CA... the East Coast/West Coast beef continues 'til they send you back.

Hair Up, Game On,


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