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What's the Diff? FIT TIES vs. Ribbon Hair Ties

In today's installation of "What's the Diff?," we're pitting FIT TIES up against Ribbon Hair Ties. Probably just like you, we think Ribbon Hair Ties are super cute! Let's compare...

FIT TIES vs. Ribbon Hair Ties


Ribbon Hair Ties:

- Cotton/polyester/spandex blend

- Some versions may includes some additional materials for looks... like, jazzy silver threading perhaps


- Proprietary material blend - dubbed 'the Cadillac of plastics' by our supplier

- SLIP FIT TIES feature clear, bonded coating reducing friction on hair to help avoid damage during active use and removal

A Ribbon Hair Tie... untied

Design and Manufacturing

Ribbon Hair Ties:

- A length of cotton/poly/spandex material cut into a roughly 8" length and tied into a knot

- Most commonly made in China


- Proprietary material blend is used to make whole, individual ties

- Low-profile design increases durability through patented manufacturing process

- Made in the USA


Ribbon Hair Ties:

- Very soft and pliable material is perfect for loose hair styles

- Cheap materials stretch out quickly and easily

- Can double as a cute bracelet when not in use


- Ties made of one solid piece

- Smooth, high-performing materials reduces friction on hair

- Retains shape when stretched

- Stays securely in hair during active use

- SLIP TIES include additional hair protection

Ribbon Hair Ties are super cute and are probably best for low-key activities such as working in the office or a casual night out. If you're getting after it in the gym or in life, FIT TIES are designed just for you, so you can put your hair up and it will stay there.

So that's the diff between FIT TIES and Ribbon Hair Ties. Stay tuned for more head-to-head hair tie comparisons in upcoming features in "What's the Diff?"

Hair Up, Game On,


FIT TIES - hair ties for athletes and active users

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