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Athlete Spotlight: Leigh Jaynes

OMG. Loyal Hair Up, Game On readers... we have a very special treat for you in this edition of the Athlete Spotlight! Today we're sharing an interview with Leigh Jaynes - Olympic Caliber wrestler, captain in the US Army, and mother of one little girl named Evelyn.

If you don't know enough about Leigh yet, please check out this short intro video before reading below:

What motivated you to start wrestling?

It was a challenge from the head coach of my high school. Considering I am oppositional and defiant...he told me I would not last two I lasted two decades.

That's amazing. Talk about follow through.

What is your greatest athletic achievement?

In 2015, I won a Bronze Medal in the World Championships in Las Vegas. The best part was that it was on US soil in front of my friends and family.

Favorite workout hairstyle... go!

Cornrow "battle braids" for competition, but for everyday practice a pony or high bun.

Leigh's Battle Braids - Get it, girl!

I had curly bangs when I was little. Any hair disasters in your lifetime?

I dreaded my hair. It was awful and ended up having to shave that mess off when I went back to active duty.

Share you perspective on the saying, "hair up, game on."

That's really cute. Both my daughter and I love to wear our hair down. In fact, the only time it is up anymore is when we do sports, so it is completely relevant.

How often do you wash your hair?

If I wrestle, unfortunately, I have to wash it everyday. But I wash it as little as possible because my hair takes forever to dry and will have the texture of straw if over processed.

The ultimate question... to shampoo or not to shampoo?

Not often - unless I am on the mat or have to wash out chemicals.

Any hair secrets you want to share?

I have mixed chick hair. My favorite relaxer is Dr. Miracle' wash and wear hair do is kinky twists, and best straighten tools is a hot brush that costs $10 at your local pharmacy. Argan oils might as well be gold.

Thank you, Leigh! You're a cool Chick Wrestler and all-around bad ass who is inspiring girls and women in the wresting community and beyond. And you have amazing hair.

To learn more about Leigh, check out:

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