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The Spotlight: Jaime Messina

Today we're shining our Spotlight on a Pretty Knotty #WCW OG, Jaime Messina! Jaime is a health and fitness coach who trains online for clients all across North America.

Jaime believes that "people can always change for the better, and that confidence is a muscle that anyone can build!"

Jaime Messina - Shape Your Life

"Every day I help people change their lives by helping them to develop the confidence they need to feel happy and empowered in their own skin." - Jaime Messina

YASSSS, COACH! We love this. Please tell us more...

I am 34 years old from Boston, MA. I have a Persian cat named Layla, who I love, and am passionate about health and fitness.

I am also currently obsessed with the evolution of social media and how it is changing the way we live.

Layla creeping on a coaches' call

What's your deal?

I am an online health, fitness, and confidence coach. I work with people one-on-one, or in groups all over the US and Canada. I help people to make little tweaks and changes to their current lifestyle to make their own well-being a priority using at home fitness programs, meal plans, and one on one support.

Fave workout hair style?

I am a bun and headband type of girl.

Any hair disasters in your lifetime?

I would have to say the puff bangs from back in the 80's. My sister had a huge one!

Ummmm..... amazing. Too bad Jaime forgot to send us pics of these. ;)

Share you perspective on the saying, "look good, feel good."

I understand what the saying is getting at, but I would personally change the sentence to "Feel good, look good." When you feel good in your own skin by treating your body with respect, providing it with the vitamins and nutrients it needs to thrive, as well as getting the rest you need, you are going to radiate and look damn good. You have to feel good before you can "look good."

The people want to know - How often do you wash your hair?

I was my hair 3-4 times a week.

Shampoo - yes or no

Yes. I use my friend Johnny's brand of shampoo called Hairo! It is all natural and will not damage my hair. He's the man!

Pssssst! Any hair secrets you want to share?

Sometimes I go to bed with coconut oil in my hair. lol. It's a natural nourishing hair oil I am told.

Learn more about Jaime's personal transformation story below...

Jaime - Thank you so much for sharing a bit about yourself! We love following you online - you keep us inspired, motivated, and laughing. Keep doing your thing, Coach.

Check out Jaime on Facebook, Youtube, and

Hair Up, Game On, Shelly

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