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A Day of Fun and Surprises at MilSpouseFest 2017

Anyone interested in a day of fun, education, camaraderie, and... surprises?

Yas, yas, yas... please!

MilSpouseFest 2017

Well, if you're a military spouse... MilSpouseFest 2017 is here to hook you up for free. If it sounds too good to be true, we know, but read on.

MilSpouseFest is a live, interactive day full of hands-on activities and engaging discussions aimed at connecting military spouses through education and training. Guest speakers share their personal experiences and professional advice in the areas of financial management, career management, work-life balance, and more. Throughout the day, participants are showered with gifts from the event's premier sponsor - USAA - and others including Dell, Uniliver, Starbucks, and more... including, Pretty Knotty.

The events are coordinated throughout the USA by MilitaryOneClick - a multimedia company focused on the military community that was founded by Jennifer Pilcher. Pilcher is a Navy spouse who is well known for advocating for hiring the military community, military spouse engagement as well as strategies for marketing to the military consumer.

Military One Click

MilitaryOneClick was accepted as the first woman-owned small business to the Military Spouse Employment Partnership (MSEP) through the Department of Defense in 2012 and selected as an Inc. Magazine Top Military Start Up 2011. In recognition of the tremendous advocating Jennifer and the MilitaryOneClick team does for military families, she was awarded 2013 Military Spouse the Year for Joint Base Andrews from Military Spouse Magazine.

Pretty Knotty was proud to support MilSpouseFest 2017's most recent event in San Antonio as a product donor - some pics of the day's events are below...

Registration is open for the next stop at Camp Lejeune on March 30th! RSVP here. If you attend, you'll definitely make some great connections and maybe even win some Pretty Knotty gear...

MilSpouseFest 2017 Next Stop - Camp Lejeune!

Hair Up, Game On,


MilSpouseFest 2017 Dates and Locations:

MilSpouseFest 2017 Locations

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