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The Spotlight: Claire Yanta-O'Mahoney

We're so excited to have the opportunity to chat with Claire Yanta-O'Mahoney, Founder and Trainer at Fleur de Lis Fitness! Claire is a bad ass personal trainer and nutritionist who offers clients customized coaching... on your schedule... from anywhere. What does she do and how does she do it? Let's find out...

Okay - let's do this...

Hey, I’m Claire! I’m a personal trainer/nutritionist, spouse of a military veteran, travel lover, workout and cooking enthusiast, music junkie, book reader, and business owner. One of my other favorite things to do is spend time with my dear family and friends!

Love allllll those things. Tell us about Fleur de Lis Fitness...

Fleur de Lis Fitness makes a healthy and balanced lifestyle a reality by offering fitness and nutrition coaching to clients anywhere. Yep, anywhere! Thanks to the internet, I can connect with clients no matter where they are to provide motivation, accountability, and guidance.

One client described a session with me as a mix between having coffee with a friend and running a marathon. I love that!

Fave workout hairstyle?

High pony or high bun! My hair is really fine and tangles easily, so I have to keep it out of the way of my workouts and all the sweat.

Any hair drama in your life?

In college I got sucked into ordering a roller brush blowout system (off of tv at 2am…good idea, right?!) that had a magnetic handle and multiple brushes that you left in your hair after blow drying to enhance the curl.

I tried using it one day before work…keep in mind my hair is long, fine, and tangles easily, so needless to say I created some absolutely terrible knots and couldn’t get a few of the brushes out of my hair! I was freaking out, but luckily my parents were visiting, so my mom helped me remove them.

It was a long, painful process and some hair was lost, but I ended up making it to work. One hour late. I learned that I just don’t possess the dexterity skills to give myself a blowout!

Claire, Owner and Trainer at Fdl Fitness

What does "look good, feel good" mean to you?

I think that sometimes when we look good, we feel good, and conversely, when we feel good, we look good. Character, confidence, and true beauty come from within, but it’s the cherry on top when we feel that our exterior matches our interior.

The people need to know - How often do you wash your hair?

Right now I skip between 1 to 2 days between washes which I’m liking, but in the past I’ve been a wash every day girl. I’m digging the effects of the skipped days, though!

Shampoo - yes or no

Oh, yes!

Share your hair secrets! We won't tell anyone else...

Wash and condition your hair first thing when you get into the shower, that way you can leave your conditioner in for the remainder of the shower to get a deep treatment.

Dry shampoo is a trusted friend!

I LOVE my Tangle Teezer and Wet Brushes…I use the Tangle Teezer in the shower to carefully rinse out the conditioner and detangle my fine hair, then I use the Wet Brush outside of the shower when I apply a serum and also when it’s dry.

Claire shares her hair secrets...

I’m terrible at braiding my own hair so my husband braids it for me! Shhh!!!

If all else fails, throw on a hat. You'll look chic instantly.

Agreed - You do look chic in that hat, girl!

Thanks so much for spending some time chatting with us today. We LOVE hearing your hair disaster and secrets.

Interested in learning more about Claire and Fleur de Lis Fitness? You can find the deets here:

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