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The Spotlight: Sadia Crosby

There's been a buzz in the rugby community up in Rhode Island about Roger Williams University's Women's Rugby, so today we're checking in with the team's Captain, Sadia Crosby! We'll get to learn about Sadia's background, hear some hair stories, and we'll confirm if the rumors about RWU Women's Rugby are true...

Sadia with family at RWU

What's up, girl?!

My name is Sadia Crosby, and I’m from a small island fishing community off the coast of Maine called Georgetown. I’m currently a senior at Roger Williams University studying Environmental Science with minors in Photography and Sustainability Studies.

I’ve officially made the graduation list for May - woohoo! And I am the captain of the RWU Women’s Rugby team.

Captain Sadia in #beastmode

What motivated you to start playing rugby?

I came to RWU with the full intentions of playing lacrosse, which is a spring sport, and I’d honestly never even considered rugby. That first fall I wanted something to keep me in shape where I could meet some people, and I ran into some rugby girls who told me I should come to a practice. I instantly loved it and after my first lacrosse season, I quit to play rugby full time.

Atta girl! Have you played outside of RWU?

In 2015, I was honored as a USA Rugby Junior All American and got to play in Washington against Canada. That was a pretty incredible achievement for me and really opened my eyes to what I could do with rugby.

Fave workout hairstyle...

Haha... so I have dreadlocks, which can be a bit to manage sometimes but usually my favorite style is anything that keeps them up and out of my face. For me, that is usually a low pony or high bun if it will stay. I like to throw a bandana on for extra support sometimes too!

Any hair drama in your life?

I guess dreadlocks are most peoples’ hair nightmare but personally mine was realized in about 5th grade...

I had gotten a small section of hair wrapped in string with a bead at the end because that was what all the cool kids were doing. And at the time my hair was too short for a pony but the wrap was long and would swing around when I played sports. One day my dad got fed up and cut it off my head, so for about two months I walked around with a little tuft of hair sticking up on the top of my head. Definitely not as cute as you’d think. haha.

What does "hair up, game on" mean to you?

I think before anyone starts a practice or workout or classroom session they have to mentally prepare themselves first. When you put your hair up and out of your face, it’s basically go time and the only thing in front of your eyes should be the task at hand.


The people want to know - how often do you wash your hair?

My hair can take anywhere from several hours to a full day to dry, so I try not to wash it very often. I usually shower everyday after a work out but maybe only wash my hair every 4-7 days. Perks of the dreads ;)

Shampoo - yes or no

Totally. I use Trader Joe’s ~ “Tea Tree Tingle.” It’s a Tea Tree based shampoo that I use once every 2-3 weeks. It’s residue free and I love how it makes my scalp feel cool and clean.

Got any hair secrets to share? We won't tell...

The best advice I can give is to let your hair go a little crazy sometimes. Don’t feel like you need to have total control all the time.

Okay - so are the rumors true?

The RWU Women’s Rugby team has made big news recently as we will be moving from DII Club to DIII Varsity in 2018!

We are still fundraising to attend tournaments this spring, including the Beast of the East, which is the largest collegiate rugby tournament in the country.

Thank you, Sadia! Good luck with the spring season and congrats to all of the ladies on the RWU Women's Rugby Team. We'll see you at The Beast!

Hair Up, Game On, Shelly

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