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SLIP FIT TIES Available at the International Tennis Hall of Fame's Pro Shop

Hall of Fame Tennis Club Pro Shop

Calling all tennis fans...

The International Tennis Hall of Fame, commissioned in 1879, honors players with its museum and celebrates and promotes tennis through their annual events and opens. In addition to the museum, the grounds include grass tennis courts, an indoor tennis facility, a court tennis (or real tennis) facility, a gym, and pro shop.

Hall of Fame Pro Shop

The Hall of Fame Tennis Club Pro Shop features tennis shoes, accessories, exclusive THoF gear, and an extensive line of racquets. Tom Cook, the shop's on-site stringer, offers stringing services, grip build ups, grommet installation, and much more.

Oh, and did we mention they now carry SLIP FIT TIES!?

They'll definitely give you an 'advantage' over your opponents.

Score an 'ace' with SLIP FIT TIES! ugh.

We can't 'let' up with the tennis puns, so we'll just stop before we're found at 'fault' for making bad jokes...

Check out the Tennis Hall of Fame on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

In need of some new tennis gear or your racquet restringed? Or maybe some SLIP FIT TIES?

Find all of those things at:

Hall of Fame Tennis Club Pro Shop 194 Bellevue Avenue Newport, RI

...look for us at the register

SLIP FIT TIES - Now at the Hall of Fame's Tennis Club Pro Shop

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