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Trainer Spotlight: E'loise Tamer

Happy New Year, Pretty Knotty fans!!!

Any new year's resolutions floating around out there? If so, we have E'loise Tamer of Empower Fitness RI here to help you kick start your fitness in 2018. Over the next couple of weeks, we're going to share some of E'loise's tips for TRX, yoga, and spin... there will be lots of exercises and stretches you can do right at home (or your desk... if you're reading this at work).

...before we get to that, let's learn a bit more about E'loise, a Jill-of-all-Fitness-Trades, who's a certified personal trainer, TRX, yoga, and spin instructor!

E'loise Tamer at Tenth Gate Yoga Center in Portsmouth, RI

Tell us about yourself..

I started running at the age of 11 because I’ve been blessed with a ton of energy and that was my parents' plan to wear me out! Then Jane Fonda blasted into my life and she was everything in the 80’s. Fond memories of listening to her cassette tape every night and feeling the burn! I couldn’t decide what I wanted to study at College and someone suggested Health Fitness at Springfield College and that was that.

When did you get into fitness and personal training? I started teaching classes while I was in college and at the Fitness Center I worked at right after graduating. Personal Training didn’t exist at that time and after working 50+ hours a week and not making much money I dropped out of the industry.

It wasn’t until I came back to Newport and fell in love with Spinning that I decided to resurrect my fitness career and I haven’t looked back!

E'loise Tamer at Core Strength and Conditioning

What inspired you to start yoga and become an instructor? I would always joke with my fitness clients about how I would be the “worst” yoga instructor because of my loud voice and my lack of flexibility. My hips and hamstrings are extremely tight (running and cycling – no stretching – lesson learned) so my friend Judy talked me into going to a class where I completely struggled (challenge on) and I feel in love. I enrolled in teacher training because I wanted to add something else to my credentials and never expected the journey it would take me on. It was the hardest certification but the one I’m most proud of.

E'loise posing at Tenth Gate Yoga Center

What was is your coaching and teaching philosophy? Simple – FORM over EFFORT! If your form is incorrect you won’t achieve the results that you are looking for and you will probably incur injuries along the way. If you have a trainer that doesn’t pay attention to that find someone else to work with.

Any athletic achievement that you're most proud of?

Finishing the AMICA Tri a couple of years ago because I really can’t swim and I’m uneasy with bodies of water that I can’t see the bottom of. It wasn’t fun but I did it!

Do you have a favorite workout hairstyle? That’s easy – I’m stealing your moto – Hair Up Game On!

High ponytail – no sweaty hair on the face!

Have you ever had a bad hair disaster?

I think the worst was the adult shag with super short bangs – my hair wasn’t curly then, but I have a very long face… let’s just say that style couldn’t grow out fast enough!

How often do you wash your hair? Once or Twice a week, but I use DevaCurl Build up Buster twice a week to get the sweat and product out of my hair.

'poo or no 'poo? Love my Moroccanoil Curl Shampoo – it’s the best for my hair.

Hair Up, Game On, E'loise!!!

Any hair secrets or tricks you want to share? I’m so cosmetically challenged, so I’m awful at “doing” my hair. Headbands and Pretty Knotty Hair Ties for a side braid or loose ponytail when I’m not exercising.

Thanks for the introduction, E'loise! We can't wait for you to share all of your fitness tips throughout the month of January. What a great way to start a new year.

Want to train with E'loise in person?

Follow her on Instagram - @EmpowerFitnessRI

Spin with her at Vicious Cycling

Do some yoga at Tenth Gate Yoga Center

Hair Up, Game On,


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