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Meet the Hair Expert, Morgana Agin!

Having a great hair stylist in your corner can change your life... it may sound dramatic, but it's true! It was a wonderful hair stylist who told me NOT to brush my curls and NOT to shampoo every day. God bless that wonderful woman.

Well, we're excited to introduce you to Morgana Agin, Hair Stylist at Natural Creations here in Newport, RI. She's ready to drop some hair knowledge on you to step up your hair health and #gymahair game. Let's get to know her...

Morgana Agin - Hair Stylist at Natural Creations in Newport, RI

Tell us a little bit about yourself...

I'm 26, grew up in Portsmouth and have lived in the area most of my life. I love to travel, do outdoorsy stuff, love climbing and running and being active. I also like trying anything new that keeps me busy. I'm currently juggling full-time college as well as working full time at the salon.

When did you start at Natural Creations? Any area of expertise?

I started at Natural Creations in the fall of 2014 (my first salon job). I would say I specialize in blonding and educating clients in their individual hair care.

What inspired you to get into hair styling?

Growing up I had a terrible time with my hair. I ended up with a lot of bobs and it was always just huge dry and poofy. I loved change and experimented a lot. As I got older and learned more about hair and how different everyone's is (like that I actually had wavy hair that shouldn't be washed with cheap shampoo everyday), I started to love it more and wanted to help others understand that they don't have to hate their hair.

What's the best part of your job?

Being able to educate people and help them feel better about their appearance .

Favorite workout hairstyle...

Messy bun is always a go to. Occasionally a twist in front if my grown out bangs won't stay out of my face.

Any hair disasters in your past?

8th grade. Black box dye then thinking blonde box dye after would fix it. It did not.

How often do you wash your hair?

Twice a week depending. If I haven't used product in it I can go like 4 days.

'poo - yes or no?

Yes but not always. There's different kinds tailored for different hair types and should usually be used differently and much less than most people think.

Any hair secrets or tricks you want to share?

Don't assume because you sweat or worked out that your hair has to be washed. A good scrub with hot water will most likely break up any excess oils and pull them through to the ends without stripping the moisture (the good stuff) from your hair. Oil isn't a bad thing, it just needs to be tamed.

Tune in tomorrow to learn a cute way to get bangs out of your face during a workout...

Yes to all of this! We're so excited to share that Morgana will be providing hair styling tips and tricks for you over the next few weeks. Tomorrow she'll be sharing a cute way to get bangs out of your face during a workout. Tune in for details!

Contact Morgana!

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