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  • Morgana Agin

Love Your Hair: Part 1 - Hair Texture

Welcome to the first post in a three part series titled, "Love Your Hair!"

The first step to loving your hair is understanding it. Knowing your hair type and its specific needs will help you achieve healthy hair and styles you can feel great about.

There are three ways to describe hair: Texture, Density, and Shape.

Today, let’s look at Texture.

TEXTURE: Fine, Medium, Coarse - This refers to the width of the individual strands themselves.

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With fine hair the strands are very small in diameter and are usually very smooth and silky, coarse tends to be thicker, rougher strands.

Step 1 to having healthy hair that you love is knowing the texture. What's your hair's texture?

Tune in to steps 2 and 3 in the coming weeks to learn more!

Hair Up, Game On,


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