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Announcing... FIT TIES! Rebranding Our Premium Hair Ties

First, we'd like to thank all of our customers and fans who've supported us since Day 1. We appreciate you and we're grateful for all of your support. You and your hair are the reasons why we created FIT TIES.

...speaking of FIT TIES...

As we’ve grown, we’ve continued to improve our products and refine our offerings. During our first year, we found a new material for coating our hair ties and a new manufacturer for the coating application. This has resulted in an even higher-performing hair tie with a longer life span. Our goal for the first year, in addition to offering the higher-performing hair tie to athletes, has been to learn and continuously improve.

In that vein, we’re announcing that we’re streamlining our product offerings. Going forward, we will only offer our premium hair tie, SLIP FIT TIES, under the name FIT TIES.

We will discontinue GRIP FIT TIES.

The reasons behind this move are twofold:

  1. SLIP FIT TIES have significantly outsold GRIP FIT TIES, and we want to only offer our most premium product with all of the possible benefits.

  2. Simplifying our communication with new customers – GRIP/SLIP/FIT/WHAT!? - By only offering FIT TIES, we will refine our message and description of benefits, making it easier for new customers to understand how our hair ties outperform the competition.

​If you loved our SLIP FIT TIES, you will be happy to know that FIT TIES now come in bight pink, haze grey, and black in addition to clear.

If you loved GRIP FIT TIES, we know you will enjoy the same strength and improved smoothness of our FIT TIES. Puling and snagging of your hair will be a thing of the past.

Thank you for your continued support.

Hair Up, Game On,


FIT TIES - Pictured in Pretty Knotty Rainbow

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