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About Pretty Knotty

Hair Up, Game On

Pretty Knotty empowers athletes to train and compete with confidence knowing their hair is secured in the most innovative performance products available.  

We're a woman-owned business that is dedicated to developing high-performing products by sourcing the highest-quality, most innovative materials, partnering with US-based manufacturers, and hiring other local, small businesses.  

We are wholeheartedly dedicated to supporting job creation here in the US by partnering with small businesses based out of RI, OH, NY, ID, IL, NJ, and WI.  

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Our Story

Owner, Shelly Nicholas, grew up playing sports.  From soccer, to karate, to ice hockey, and lacrosse... she loved being on a team and being active.  However, her crazy, curly hair was never manageable in those grocery store or pharmacy hair ties.  Whether they were too tight and dammaged her hair,  or too loose and kept sliding out, Shelly thought there had to be a better product out there.  


There wasn't... until Shelly and Jacob developed FIT TIES.

FIT TIES are stronger than generic hair ties because they're made of high-quality materials and have an improved, solid design.  They also have a medical grade coating that make them smooth and gentle on hair.  FIT TIES's coating reduces friction and snagging when removing.

PRETTY KNOTTY was developed to create better hair ties for athletes who need to keep their hair secure while being active.  We hope you love them!

Meet The Team

Our Customers

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