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FIT TIES featured on The Stable Scoop Radio Show

Pretty Knotty was the featured Tack and Habit product review in this week's episode of The Stable Scoop Radio Show - the most entertaining equine radio show ever!

The Stable Scoop is hosted by Glenn the Geek and Helena Bee and is produced by the Horse Radio Network, the Voice of the Horse World. The show gives listeners the scoop on all things horse with a different equine related topic each week.

The Stable Scoop Radio Show

Our Fit Ties were reviewed by Helena Bee because she thought they would be a great fit for equestrian sports. The idea was that the low-profile design could reduce bulk under riders' helmets - especially if riders have long hair

Yas, Helena! We love this!

Helena Bee of The Stable Scoop

As Helena begins her review, she explains the need for the product - "You gotta get your hair up because you're about to get busy!" As I said, "that's what she said...." in my head, Glenn starts laughing.. and can... not... stop. LOL!!! Glenn - samesies.

Take a listen to the full episode here. The Tack and Habit product review for FIT TIES starts around the 44 minute mark.

Thank you to Helena for reaching out to us and reviewing our products! We appreciate the support of The Stable Scoop... and just for Glenn...

Hair Up, Get Busy,


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