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Love Your Hair: Part 2 - Hair Density

Welcome back, Hair Up, Game On readers!

This is part 2 of a three part series on how to love your hair. Welcome back. ;)

Today, let’s look at Density… it’s important to understand the difference between texture and density.

Texture is the width of individual strands, and density is the amount of strands you have.

DENSITY: Thin, Medium, Thick

What do different hair densities look like?

This refers to the quantity of strands collectively (how many per square inch for example).

Fact: People lose an average of 40-100 strands a day!

So, don’t panic unless your average changes severely (major causes are internal, stress induced or changes in medication).

Step 2 to having healthy hair that you love is knowing the density. What's your hair's density?

Tune in to step 3 in the next week to learn more!

Hair Up, Game On,


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